Your next step: international expansion

You have successfully launched your U.S. Internet business. You have a high performance team, a superior business model, robust technology, customers and revenue. You achieved "Proof of Concept". It is time for your next phase of growth, international expansion.

Europe, with its over 700 million citizens and almost 500 million Internet users, represents a market opportunity as significant as North America's. And time to market is everything.

Germany and the U.K. are by far the largest markets in Europe. Thirty-five percent of the European GNP is generated in Germany, 14 % in the UK. As an english speaking country the UK has advantages when it comes to localization. Germany has the advantage of its location in the middle of Europe. Every European country can be reached within a few hours, including Russia and other emerging eastern European countries. Berlin and London are currently the perfect locations for your European headquarters.

Leverage the Fast Mover advantage of ReadyforEurope, a deeply experienced and effective team of European business experts. We provide full support to ensure a fast and successful European roll-out.

ReadyforEurope provides the local expertise to quickly establish your legal entities and recruit your team. We will localize your product and will implement effective on/offline marketing, sales and business development strategies and tactics.

Competitors seek to duplicate your business in Europe. ReadyforEurope is a one-stop solution for all the support you may need to launch immediately. Don't risk losing your competitive advantage in time to market. In a proven three step process, we help you to establish your international subsidiaries in less than a 100 days. We do this quickly and efficiently, ensuring your company a successful debut in Europe with the clear financial exposure that comes with it. Find out how we can do all this and more for your company.
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